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Why Us An extension of your team

Here at the Corporate Concierge Club, we look at things a little differently. Where others may see certain business occasions and office staples as hygienic chores or nice to haves, we see them as real opportunities to increase business performance.

Business has never been more competitive. Attraction and retention of great young talent is becoming ever more challenging, and building relationships with customers when they are constantly bombarded by competitors is very difficult.

Joining the Corporate Concierge Club empowers you to gain significantly better outcomes, by tweaking your approach rather than making radical and expensive changes.

We build programmes that delight employees, are on trend and in keeping with the desires of the workforce. What's better, it doesn't require any of your time.


Lewis Reeves, Founder where we come from

Having spent the last decade working within large corporations and scaling businesses from start-ups to multi-nationals, it became extremely apparent to me the challenge of sustaining great relationships and great cultures. These two areas are often very large factors in the success of a business and become increasingly difficult to deliver in person due to time pressure from every direction.

It got me thinking about what creates great cultures and relationships. Often it’s the little things done really well and with consistency, so how can this scale behind people and geographies, I thought? Which leads us to the Corporate Concierge Club, where we help you use every occasion as an opportunity to delight your employees and deepen your relationships.


Sustainability is at the core of our all our decision making at the Corporate Concierge Club. We look to do our very best in every element of our business.

Where possible we partner with UK based, independent, small, and start-up organisations, to provide us with high quality and delicious products. We ensure all ingredients are checked and no nasties or environmentally un-friendly ingredients are used.

We choose partners based on the materials they use for their packaging, and we use recycled cardboard and paper based products over any use of plastic where possible. We will always look to double up orders to reduce delivery where feasible with our customers, and strive to reduce our carbon emissions.



Providing the right nutrition in the workplace to generate the highest levels of engagement, productivity and wellbeing, is at the heart of everything we do. So when looking for a charity partner, it was critical they aligned with our core aims and objectives. Given the workplace of tomorrow will be fuelled by the children of today, we wanted to find a partner that supports our next generation, and that’s when we found Magic Breakfast.

They know the greatest distraction from learning is due to hunger and are on a mission to eradicate this by providing breakfast and before school care, for some of the must under privileged children and in-need schools in the UK. Taken by their cause, we donate 1% of all transactions to the charity and let our customers know exactly how many breakfasts they provide with every box they purchase.

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Lewis Reeves

Lewis Reeves

Founder & Chief Concierge

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Helen Turner



Meals Donated

and counting

Donating a breakfast for every box purchased

We work in partnership with Magic Breakfast to provide nutritious breakfasts and wrap around support for children with the greatest need.